Lavender Bubbling Bath Salts

These Bubbling Bath Salts are a fantastic gift to give your friends for holidays or birthdays. Scent them with any essential oil and complimenting body wash. Change the color to match the season or occasion. Make a few jars at a time to have Homemade Gifts on hand.


6 Cups Kosher or Epsom Salt

¾ Cup Lavender Scented Body Wash

1 tbsp Olive, Coconut, or Sweet Almond Oil

2-3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (Optional)

Purple Food Coloring (Optional)



In a large bowl, combine salt and body wash, and mix until well combined. Add in your oil, essential oil and food coloring and mix well. On a lined baking sheet, spread the salt mixture out into a thin layer. Allow to dry for 24 hours.Once dry, break up any large clumps, and spoon into a sealable jar.